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Rich Mariani ...

Rich became interested in photography while serving in the Army in  Korea. He was placed in charge of the 2nd Infantry Division photo unit and learned about photographic technique and equipment working with his staff photographers. Rich also learned to fly while he was in the Army. After leaving the Army and graduating from law school, Rich combined his interests in photography, scuba diving and flying and became an avid underwater photographer. He photographed everything from Angelfish to blacktipped sharks in waters from Cozumel to the Bahama Out Islands.


In 2004, a chance meeting with another photographer while on a ski trip turned Rich's attention to wildlife in Alaska and sub-Arctic Canada. Since then, Rich has made several trips to Alaska and northern Canada to photograph brown bears, polar bears and bald eagles. Rich has also traveled to Africa and to locations within the U.S. to photograph wildlife and birds. Rich feels that these trips have been transforming experiences. The time Rich has spent photographing his subjects in the remote areas they inhabit has not only instilled in him an enormous respect and appreciation for these magnificent creatures, but also has forged in him a commitment to help preserve the environment that they need to survive. Rich is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and a Canon Professional Services member.


Rich became involved in sports photography at the request of friends whose children were playing youth and high school sports. He found sports photography to be as challenging and rewarding as wildlife photography. Rich has photographed high school and youth football, field hockey and soccer, among other sports. Rich is currently the photographer for the local high school varsity football team and contributes images to the local newspaper. 


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Cape Churchill, Wapusk National Park, Manitoba




Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

Juneau and Haines, Alaska

Katmai National Park

Churchill, Manitoba

Underwater Photos

Sports Photography